Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Cricut Personal Die Cutting Machine/ To Gypsy or Not to Gypsy???

I bought my Cricut a month ago from HSN. They had such a great combo package that I couldn't refuse. The shipping was much faster than they said it would be, the package arrived with everything they said would be in it. I plugged it in and hours later went to bed happy in knowing that my little Cricut was safe in my office/craft room.
Ok.. so why, you may ask do I sound like I am not so happy? Well, to be honest I love that little thing and I have made some really cute cards and scrapbook pages and I have even made a mini album from scratch using several images from the 9 cartridges I have. (Yeah, I know I've only had it a month and already I have 9 carts!) But when I go to YouTube.com and look at the things others are making and the difference in size... oh how my mouth waters for an Expression... So as you can see to the right, I am saving up for one. I will get it from HSN again because they have the best deals AND they usually have Easy Pay so you can extend your payments over a set number of months. Once I have the Expression I don't know what I am going to do with the little Cricut... but it will be staying with me for a while at least (can't hurt to have a back up in case something goes wrong).

Ok, onto part 2 of this post. I have seen many videos that PC as well as some really talented people have posted on the Gypsy and I have to say that I am not convinced that I need one. I have to say that having the ability to design while waiting for my doctor is not a priority for me! And taking something like the Gypsy to the beach... Yikes!  Do you know what one grain of sand will do to that machine? NOPE that is not another of the wonderful selling points for me. The only thing that might bring me over to the Gypsy side is fact that there are 2 exclusive cartridges built in to the Gypsy. I have discovered that I love having the carts and that EBAY is a poor girls best friend when it comes time to make your dollar stretch and to feed that cartridge habit! So, I will continue saving and buying my one cartridge a month and hold off on the Gypsy for the extended foreseeable future.

A really quick card made for a wonderful co-worker who made zucchini relish for us!  YUMMY is an understatement!

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