Sunday, January 2, 2011

Happy New Year!

I am so excited about the new year and all the great things that I am sure it will have in store for all of us!

I have started a Yahoo Group for folks that are new to the Cricut and want to get to know more about these wonderful machines.  The focus on the group will be on monthly challenges and chat sessions along with Ustream classes and chats.  I am very excited about this and would love to have you join us.  The group is new and there aren't a lot of us but it is growing and I am sure that as we move on more and more folks will join and will be sharing their knowledge!

Here is the first challenge from the group that I will share with you, if you would like to join the challenge, the link to join the group is below on the side bar to the right!

Challenges are going to be a monthly event and everyone can post their challenge project in the folder for that month. Sometimes the challenge will focus on a technique or an idea or a tool. Each challenge will require you to use your cricut.  The object of each challenge will be to get us using 1-what we have and 2 our imaginations!
Each month between the 1st and the 3 of the month the challenges will be posted and you will have 3 weeks to complete and post them.  If you post your challenge on your blog, please be sure to send a message to the group with your blogs address so we can visit you there as well!

If you have experience with one of the features/techniques listed please bring that knowledge to the group.  I want to learn from you and this is a great way to do that! Check my YouTube channel each month for detailed instructions on how to use each feature in relation to our monthly challenge.

1- Cricut Valentine's day cards - based on a song title, using the cricut cartridge of your choice. Your card should be an A2 size card and have at least 1 Cricut image.  

I will share my Valentine's Day card with you (as soon as I make it!)

Again... Happy New Year to you and yours!