Thursday, October 29, 2009

Magpie Club Kit

I ordered a kit from the Magpie Club (link is over to the right under my favorite things) and it came in no time at all, I spoke with Tara via Email several times about the kit and she is just the nicest person!  
Her club offers 2 types of kits, the full kit and a budget friendly kit that she calls the Credit Crunch Kit. I wanted to order the full kit but (Yeah for her, Boo for me) it was sold out. So I got the CCK and it had great paper and goodies in it.

Once I got the kit I was so excited to get scrapping and then The Creeping Crud..... grrrr... 
But that is over now and this is the first layout from the kit!

The only things that I added to the page that didn't come with the kit are the 2 little black bats. I cut them with my Cricut using the Wild Card Cartridge. These can be found on page 68 in the booklet.

I was going to add a spider web also from the same page but thought that would be overkill and left it off.

Thanks Tara for making these great kits and I can't wait until the November kit becomes available!

Found Some Great Sites

Well, now that I am over the creeping crud, I have been online and looking for great sites to share.  The first site I found is ScrapDazzle. This site is really great, just about anything you want you can find there and for REALLY good prices. You can do a search by price, which I really like because if you have a limited amount of money to spend you can search within your budget and not get bummed by looking at things you know you cannot afford! 
There are over 25 pages of items Under a DOLLAR!  Yeah, I like this site!

The other site I found is for those of us that have had that moment when we are sitting in front of blank scrapbook pages and have no clue what to do with the pictures and paper and other goodies you have picked out. This site is  They have layout sketches that go back to April of 2006!  There is also a book that they offer with 500 layout designs if your interested, but I don't know if I will ever get through all the ones that they have generously offered for free!

Another one I just thought of that I check out almost daily to see what they have to offer is I get their newsletter and they have a discount of some sort almost every day!  Check them out and sign up for the newsletter you don't have to buy anything, but its nice to know that if you want something there might be a deal going on that will be just what you are looking for!

For the frugal scrapper these sites will be a great help getting the neat things we want and then helping us do really kewl things with them!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009


I have had this same stinking cold for DAYS now and have not felt like doing much of anything. But today I forced myself to go out for a while and went to AC Moore because they were having a good sale on paper. That was good.. but I was now in the Scrapbook Shopping Mode!  So, off I went to JoAnn's .

Well there I found that they were having an even better sale on paper... but... (okay, I admit it, I am a paper snob) I didn't like the paper they had so, I walked around and found their clearance section. (Insert Angels singing here) There was all kinds of scrapbooking embellishments!  I was so excited... that I had a seat on the floor and went through it all and found the things I wanted. 97 cents for a set of 3 hinges... not bad. 97 cents for velum frames, I can live with that.

I go to the register and the clerk tells me that all the scrapbooking clearance items were 50 cents!!!!!  OH BABY!  I was so happy, but also tired. I am going back tomorrow to look over the bin again. there were a few things that I didn't pick up because I thought a dollar for them was a bit much considering they were kind of beat up... well at 50 cents, they are so mine!

Oh My.... Sorry Santa!

Remember just a few days ago I said that I wanted to get a Big Bite?  Well I was in Wal-Mart and as always I made a quick run through their clearance section... And what to my wandering eyes should appear???  A Big Bite and it was only (get ready for this... you won't believe it!)  $10.00, yes, that's right I said ten dollars.
I was so excited, I bought it and came home and and couldn't wait to show Jess what I bought....

Well all I heard was "TAKE IT BACK!" What? Why?  It was such a good deal...

Then it came to me, I had mentioned that I would like one for Christmas and I think Santa went shopping a little early this year and somewhere in the house is a Big Bite waiting for Christmas morning... Darn...

Now the thing you have to understand is that I wanted the original Crop a Dile ... and that was on the list... and when I bought that at AC Moore for 50% off I thought wow what a great deal... Little did I know if I had only waited, yeah... they had the original Crop a Dile for 10.00 also, in the case with the eyelets.. Sigh... oh well...

So, I have stopped buying things and will let "Santa" know if there is a really good deal out there somewhere!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Paper Pups

I am so excited! I was cursing Craig's List and found someone selling the  Paper Pups cartridge!  I sent an email asking if it was still available, (the post was almost a month old) and a wonderful woman wrote back saying that it was. We made arrangements for me to get it. Smooth transaction!  Craig's List was better than Ebay because I didn't have to wait for it to be shiped and there was no shipping to pay!

What a cute cartridge! Lots of great images and phrases. Puppy Love, Yappy Easter, Hug, Walk... are a few of the melded phrases that come on the cartridge. I can't wait to get started making cards and adding some of these images in cards and scrapbooks!  I have been sick for the past few days and am not really feeling any better, but I have been watching videos on YouTube and have been getting lots of great ideas for when I am feeling better and am ready to get back to work!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Cricut Personal Die Cutting Machine/ To Gypsy or Not to Gypsy???

I bought my Cricut a month ago from HSN. They had such a great combo package that I couldn't refuse. The shipping was much faster than they said it would be, the package arrived with everything they said would be in it. I plugged it in and hours later went to bed happy in knowing that my little Cricut was safe in my office/craft room.
Ok.. so why, you may ask do I sound like I am not so happy? Well, to be honest I love that little thing and I have made some really cute cards and scrapbook pages and I have even made a mini album from scratch using several images from the 9 cartridges I have. (Yeah, I know I've only had it a month and already I have 9 carts!) But when I go to and look at the things others are making and the difference in size... oh how my mouth waters for an Expression... So as you can see to the right, I am saving up for one. I will get it from HSN again because they have the best deals AND they usually have Easy Pay so you can extend your payments over a set number of months. Once I have the Expression I don't know what I am going to do with the little Cricut... but it will be staying with me for a while at least (can't hurt to have a back up in case something goes wrong).

Ok, onto part 2 of this post. I have seen many videos that PC as well as some really talented people have posted on the Gypsy and I have to say that I am not convinced that I need one. I have to say that having the ability to design while waiting for my doctor is not a priority for me! And taking something like the Gypsy to the beach... Yikes!  Do you know what one grain of sand will do to that machine? NOPE that is not another of the wonderful selling points for me. The only thing that might bring me over to the Gypsy side is fact that there are 2 exclusive cartridges built in to the Gypsy. I have discovered that I love having the carts and that EBAY is a poor girls best friend when it comes time to make your dollar stretch and to feed that cartridge habit! So, I will continue saving and buying my one cartridge a month and hold off on the Gypsy for the extended foreseeable future.

A really quick card made for a wonderful co-worker who made zucchini relish for us!  YUMMY is an understatement!

Friday, October 9, 2009

My New Second Favorite Tool

I have a Crop A Dile!  I love this thing. It does all I thought it was going to do and them a few things that I didn't think of.

First, it punches holes in two sizes and that really makes setting your brads and grommets really easy. And that was a hint... it sets grommets. Makes life so much easier when you can set a brad without a hammer... lol... I can't tell you how many strange looks I got when I wanted to do that in a scrapbook or card and I was looking for the hammer. lol..

It is quiet, it is fast and it can be done with one hand. All of this makes using this a real treat. The only drawback that I can see with the original Crop A Dile is the fact that you are limited in how far in you can place a hole. The original Crop A    Dile is really only good in that respect for working on the edges of cards and pages. 

To solve this problem We R Memory Keepers have come out with the Crop A Dile 2 called the "Big Bite". This one is able to reach into a page up to 6 inches. Which is right in the middle of a 12x12 scrapbook page. I am still a hammer girl for the middle of the page. I am not sure I will be getting one any time soon... but one is in the future, because you can never have too many tools!

Back to the original Crop A Dile, I just saw a video on how to use it for embossing!  This is the unexpected extra that you can do with this tool that I didn't even have in my mind that you could do. There appears to be 2 ways to do this. 

First you can make your own template by using chipboard or thin plastic and punching the design you want. Then using that place the card stock over the plastic and using and burnishing tool emboss the paper... Easy enough!

Second, that the one that I tried and found to be a bit tricky is to use the Crop A Dile to lightly press the card stock using the brad setter. I tried this also and I have to tell  you I thought I broke the darn thing because I didn't realize that the buttons on the base recessed. When I saw that circle of paper (yes, I squeezed too hard and made a hole instead of an impression) I was completely upset and when I "not so gently" placed it on the table, the paper popped out and the button returned to normal! PHEW!!!!!

Scrapbook Deal of the Day

I have rediscovered scrapbooking and I am once again addicted! Not just scrapbooking but making my own mini albums from chipbook has really captured my imagination. Things have changed so much in scrapbooking since I was a Creative Memories consultant. Now pages that are interactive, have height and amazing embellishments.
So, when I decided that I was going to start working on albums again I discovered that I needed to restock my stash with up to date goodies. Where to start? Well I went to my local shops (AC Moore, JoAnns) and discovered that yes, they have some of the goodies I wanted but not at the prices I wanted to pay! So off to the net I went and found some amazing sites... They are Deal a Day sites. These sites only sell one item a day for incredible prices. There are lots of them but from the research and from chatting with others I believe these are some of the best.

Scrapbook Steals I like this site because their shipping is only $5.00!

Crafty Steals They have really unique items every day.

Flowers to Flourishes Today's deal has only $3.99 shipping!

Crop Chocolate This site has a blog attached and has information about other deals.

And the first site I found and the one that MANY people rave about is:

Peachy Cheap They have completed samples posted every day with the items offered.

So, this is where I started building my new bigger better stash... Hope you get to check them out, you might get some really neat deals... Not every site has something every day that might interest you but the great thing is that there is always tomorrow and another deal!