Sunday, November 29, 2009

Black Friday... Ugh... But I feel like a winner!

Where to begin with my Black Friday Saga? I was so excited about Wal-Mart's advertised Cricut Expression for $188.00 and my cell phone company was going to run a major special where all phones (even SMARTPHONES) were FREE!!! So after working all night, and coming home and cooking all day I turned in for a "disco nap" so that I could be up and ready to shop at 3:30 AM. Wal-Mart was opening at 5 and US Cellualr at 7.  I only wanted 2 things and was confident that my plan was going to be a go!

Little did I know that all stores were opening early to cut down on the number of people standing out in the cold and to prevent a repeat of last years disaster where a poor man lost his life when opening the doors for shoppers and was trampled to death.  So, I head off and notice as I pull up that the doors to Wal-Mart are open.. OH NO..  When did they open?  I had a sinking feeling that all the Cricuts were going to be gone. I walked in and the first thing I saw was a woman with a black Cricut in her cart.. Oh no.. this is not good. I moved down the isle where the scrapbooking supplies are and Nope... nothing. Asked a clerk and was told that I walked past them, that they were ALL GONE.  I asked a manager and was told that there was no more, if weren't any there they were all gone. UGH.....

I was so disapointed that I just walked out of the store and didn't look back. I sat in my car and continplated what to do now. And then it came to me... Go to Brewer, its just over the bridge and if they don't have any there you can honestly say you tried.

So off I go to Brewer and pull into the lot and yes, this store is also open. I park and go in and ask where the Cricuts are. The clerk didn't even know what a Cricut was but directed me to someone that did. He took me to the display and there was  a complete display with only 1 Cricut missing. 

I was able to get the color I wanted and came home very happy!

Oh... as an aside... I just checked Ebay and the colored Cricuts are on there for 250.00 and up!!!

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