Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Evernote... A Bloggers Best Friend

Hi, a bit of a departure for me, but today I am going to recommend a website, program, app/life saver! And the best part is that for the basic option of this application its FREE!  Yup, something this wonderful is FREE!

Its called Evernote. It it located at Let me tell you, you will want to run not walk and get this on your Computer, Smart Phone, Ipad, Ipod touch...

Why?  Because when you are a blogger and you surf as much as I do you find great things and then you either do one of 2 things.  You save the bookmark and try to remember which of the 200 bookmarks has that cute card that you wanted to talk about because you made one like it and want to give credit to the originator... Or you want to put a link to that site in your blog because there is too much information to repeat on your blog.  EVERNOTE to the rescue!  You can save a note on the web with the information, a clip of the page itself, or just the address of the blog with a description you write to jog your memory.

I am also teaching classes at AC Moore and need to know what I am doing for each class and what materials the students will need and exactly what I am teaching each class. EVERNOTE to the rescue.  I have a folder or notebook for AC MOORE and list each class and what I am teaching etc.. Now when I go to the store and talk to Kim about the classes... I can call up my notebook via my smartphone and not have to depend on my memory! This has saved me a ton of times!

School...  I can't even begin to tell you how useful this is. Assignments, notes (mine and fellow students) Each class has a notebook... 

Christmas... shopping just got wonderfully easy! Each person has a page in the Christmas Notebook... Ideas found on the web, pictures of items that you saw in the store with notes re: cost, size, color, store name... all helpful to make shopping easier.. 

Ok.. I think you get the message... its great and I am sure you will enjoy it and depend on it like I do... 


  1. Nice to see you back Stephanie! Hope things continue to go well for you.

  2. Thanks Jen. Hope to see you here often! You should follow the blog so you don't miss a post!


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