Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Show Products - CreateAndCraft

Show Products - CreateAndCraft

Have any of you been to this site? Its a site for a shopping channel in England. Why would you watch it you ask... Because, they do really good DEMOS! Yes, step by step demos of the products and techniques that are needed to create the cards, layouts and other goodies at home.

Now you can buy from them here in the States.. but the shipping will make it almost impossible... but hey...Its worth taking a peak just to see a few good demos..

OH and did I mention that this shopping channel is all about Crafting? No, ooops.. sorry ... it is and that is the hook for me that keeps me going back to see what they are doing next!

Card and scrapbook crafting over there is a bit different than here and its nice to see what people from "away" (that's a Maine term) are doing!

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