Friday, August 6, 2010

Cricut Saturday

What?  How long has it been?  I don't know and I don't want to think about it. I am just moving on!!!

Its Saturday and I have been busy over the past few months, (I know, I wasn't going to mention time.. but hey it happens).  I have been ill... had surgery... have gotten better and have been scrapping and card making.  

I have so many projects to share with you but I will start with the 2 latests and work my way backwards with a sprinkle of new projects as I go along until I'm caught up. 

A while back (there goes that time thing again!) I posted about sketches for layouts. Well my focus has changed a bit since then and I am totally into cards at the moment.  I needed something to help me focus my efforts and keep my sketches in one place. So, I created my Sketch Book.

One sheet of Bo Bunny card stock (Petal Pushers- Posies) cut to 11 1/2 x 9 1/2 with the corners rounded with the 1/2" side of the Corner Chomper. Letters were cut with my Cricut using the Cuttin' Up cartridge. Letters were cut at 2 1/2".

The Insides.....

I drew three boxes that are 2.5" x 3" with maybe .5" space between them and enough room on the bottom and top for quick notes about embellies and other goodies that I would like to add to the card. Now, this paper is regular computer paper taken right from my printer. Folded in half, there are 6 sheets, I tried more but found that it didn't lay nicely when closed so I came up with the 6 sheets. 

If you're interested, I can send you a PDF of the inside sheet that you can just print out for your book. Leave a comment with your email address and I will send it out to you!

Project #2

I LOVE and stop in often to see what new projects they have posted often. What a great site for inspiration!  So, one day while feeling that I needed a little inspiration I stopped in and saw this Click here  a lovely card box, and had to try it. Now, when you look at it don't be scared off by the number of steps or the amount of tools they say you need. It's not as bad as it looks and it's a full day project if you don't sit and do this alone for the day... but if you take your time the end results are more than worth it... 

There is my version made with K& Company's Designer paper. I think it only took 4 sheets of 12x12 to complete this, the cards were extra ... 

The cards were cut with A Child's Year Cartridge for the Cricut and the ladies were cut from the Forever Young Cartridge. Misc images were cut from the Storybook Cartridge as well as the word addresses on the address book. I love making things that leave you feeling like you have done good work and this was one of them!

Ok... I am going to do it.. Talk about the new Cricut machine... The Imagine. This video from Obsessedwithscrapin on Youtube is one of the best I've seen. Lots of good information and detail.

I am not sure what I think of this new rendition of the Cricut.  It is not an increase in cutting size, I was hoping to see a machine that would truly allow for actual 12x12 cutting not the 11.5x11.5 we have currently with the Cricut. 
The printing has it major advantages. You can customize your color choices for background papers and print. this is great... but I have a large format printer and can print anything I want with it for background paper and use that in my scrapbooks or cut out the papers with my Cricut. 

The one thing that I will be getting are some of the new mats when they are out. they are supposed to have better adhesive, and last longer. That would be a nice change.. Although I take good care of my mats, cleaning them often with baby wipes (the kind without oils or lotions)  and have only used 2 in the 9 months that I have had my Expression.

I am a huge tool girl.. and am usually first in line saying I WANT that or I NEED this.. but I am not feeling this with the new Imagine. Maybe as time goes on and I see what people are doing with it I might have to give in and start a Imagine account so that I can get one (I save for everything .. I don't do credit cards).. but the jury is still out on this.  There are 2 other Cricut machines that are due out this year ... so I am not going to put all my eggs into the Imagine basket just yet!

Let me know what you think of this machine... I'm interested in hearing what you think.

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  1. Love those projects. The image in not something that excites me plus I don't have the space for it. I'm saving what space I have for my E.


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