Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Busy, Busy, Busy!

Getting ready for Christmas is, and I'm sure you will agree one of the busiest times of the year.  I have been making presents, money this year dictates that I make most of the presents that people will be getting this year. I have enjoyed going through stored yarns and knitting mittens and hats and scarves and fingerless mitts. It is a really nice hobby... Not paper crafting.. but nice none the less~

I have made cards for most of the family that are off already in the mail in hopes that they get there in time for them to have them and be able to put them up and enjoy them. 

Here is one of the cards... I made my own "Flower Soft" and used it for snow.

Cocoa Mugs for folks at work, there are always people that you want to let know that you are thinking of them during the holidays but can't really afford to buy presents... these mugs are great to say Happy Holidays! I saw these on the web and couldn't find the cut file and didn't know how to make one, I asked a friend and she said "Oh, those are so easy!", and she showed me how to create files in Design Studio and I made this mug. I think it came out nicely... 

The mugs were made with George. I hate to admit it but she was right ... It wasn't that hard!

On one of my favorite Yahoo groups "The Frugal Scrapper" a fellow member, Judy made a really cute card of a pyramid of penguins. When I saw it I had to tell her how much I liked the card and that I thought a card with the same idea but with snowmen would be to cute. Judy said that if I made one that she would like to see it. 

Well here it is... I like it, I like it a lot and wish I had thought of it before, because it would have been this years main card.

These little guys are from Doodlecharms and the hat is from Everyday Paperdolls. I tore the what Wal-Mart cards stock and I also cut the snowmen with it. The gold sticker letters are from Creative Memories. Nope,thats not Stickles... its glitter glue from Wal-mart. It looks really nice, even if it's not the pricer Stickles... 

I work in a hospital and in the mornings when patients would like something to eat, we offer them cereal from small individual boxes. I was looking at the boxes and talking to a friend and decided that they would make great gift boxes!  Here is what I came up with... I have more boxes and will be making more for some of the smaller gifts that I have to give. 

The penguin is from Joy of the Season, and the ice cubes are from George. I ran the cubes through the Cuttlebug with the Tiny Bubbles folder. The paper I used to cover the box is from DCWV's Christmas Value Stack.

Phew... I'm not done yet, but I know I will enjoy the entire process, and will post more later!

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  1. All your projects are so great! I love the cocoa mugs and the snowman pyramid!

  2. You have the absolute cutest blog--you are soooooo talented!! Thank you for sharing all of your wonderful work.

    --Gracie from Imagine That (Everything Cricut)

  3. Everything looks GREAT! I like that you recycled those little cereal boxes too!!


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