Thursday, November 11, 2010

CardZ Size Information

Hi Everyone!  
I am going to start a Christmas Card Series and wanted to be sure that when I say "This is an A2 size card" you and I would know what I was taking about!

Below is a chart that will give you both Card and Envelope sizes:

Card Size                                          Envelope Size
A2 = 4.25 x 5.50                              4.275 x 5.75
A6 = 4.625 x 6.1875                        4.75 x 6.5
A7 = 5x7                                          5.25 x 7.25
A8 = 5.25 x 7.875                            5.50 x 8.125

Now that we have the measurements for the various card sizes, I think I will be mostly using the A2 and A7 card sizes.. they are easiest to cut and to make envelopes for is you don't have a ready made one available.

I also bought the Cricut Christmas Card Cartridge and will be making all the cards on that cartridge.  Some of them are just lovely... (ok, they are all really nice.)

I will be making videos showing how to make many of the cards and also the method for making envelopes that I really like and use all the time.

So, I am going to get busy in the scrap room and will be chatting with you all soon!

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. This is great information Stephanie. Thanks for sharing! Your SOC buddy Susan!!

  2. That is THE coolest chart! I never know what ppl are talking about when they say the different sizes and all card generally land in an "A8" sized envelope because I get frustrated!!

    Thanks LadyBug! Or shall I say "Dragonfly"!!


  3. Well SpoiledGirl, I have to say I get confused too and thought this would be a help to more than just me!

  4. Maybe you can explain this to me in further detail next week?


Thank you, I appreciate your comments!